If you’re lucky, you find your passion at an early age. For others, like myself, it takes years of living and trying different things before you find that one thing that lights a fire inside you. That one thing that you could eat, drink, and breath for the rest of your life and never tire of it. For me, that’s writing.

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The thing in this world that I am most proud of is being a mother of two beautiful, amazing children. I wouldn’t have that honor if it weren’t for my husband. We have been together for twenty three years and he’s the only man I’ve ever completely given my heart to.  I’ve had many jobs over the years from retail to court reporter and currently, Medical Office Specialist. I can bake a cake like no one’s business and my cakepops are to die for. My addiction is romance. There is just something about a good love story that gets me every time. I’ve spent a majority of my life being a shy introvert. It wasn’t until my husband and his family came into my life, that I started to break of out my shell. He is from a very large, and loud, family — that I adore. I learned quickly that if you didn’t want to fade into the background, you had to speak up. So here I am at 42 years old, speaking up and putting myself out there.

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