Julie & Wes’ Playlist: My Inspiration

Inspiration can strike when you least expect it. I try to remember to carry around my notebook, but more often than not I’m scrambling for a scrap piece of paper to jot down my thoughts or pulling out my iPhone and using the notepad app. People watching. A beautiful picture. My surroundings. Life experience. All these things can spark inspiration. However, my most powerful source of inspiration is music. I can’t imagine a day of my life going by without listening to music. I’ve come up with some of my best ideas driving to and from work with my tunes cranked up high. Why, you ask? Simple answer:  music evokes emotion.

Sometimes when I’m writing if I get “blocked” or “stuck” I will pull out my ear buds and play certain songs on repeat. I recently discovered an amazing country artist, Dylan Scott. His lyrics are so genuine and relatable that you can’t help but fall in love with his songs. But it’s not just the lyrics that elicit such strong emotion, the music and his voice get under your skin and give you all the feels. So, without further ado, here is Julie & Wes’ Playlist. The songs that inspired their story and that I played on repeat while writing.

  1. Living Room
  2. I Lost You
  3. Back
  4.         Do You Think About Me

I think every couple’s love story has a playlist. Here’s mine.

  1. I’d Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf
  2. From this Moment by Shania Twain (our wedding song)
  3.  Sugar by Maroon 5

I thought it’d be fun to have a “My Love Story Playlist” challenge. In the comments below please tell me what you thought of Julie & Wes’ story and then tell me what your Love Story Playlist is.


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