The Dark Side 

It creeps into your life like a thief in the night…stealing everything you hold dear.

Love, patience, and understanding are your weapons of choice ….but they are useless, for it feeds off of fear, ignoring your voice.

It grows slow like a cancer, delighting in your tears…festering and destroying everything in its wake. 

Minutes become days, days become years…till it leaves you wondering how much more you can take.

But like a glutton for punishment you still hold on to hope….that tiny glimmer of faith that happiness will prevail.

But the darkness laughs in your face and says “nope”….it slices through the lifeline you’ve cast and seductively whispers, “not this time, my grip is too powerful, you fail.”

Your valiant effort to be the hero has ended, you know it’s too late….the judgement has been rendered, thus sealing your fate.

Self-preservation is the only tool you have left…the only thing you can do now is walk away and forget. 


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