A Little Teaser….

I felt in the mood to share today and happen to be very proud of this paragraph. So, here is a very small snippet of my current work in progress. 


Seagulls croon in time to the soothing melody of the waves as they crash against the shore. The evening sun, giving off hues of golden amber and vermilion, paints a portrait that only Mother Nature herself could orchestrate as it makes its slow descent into the bluest water I’ve ever seen. Even though the sun is bidding us farewell, I can still feel the warmth of its fading rays cascading over my shoulders like a warm embrace. My love reaches up and wipes a tear from my cheek as he recites his vows. It is the perfect moment. The perfect day. I have only seconds to bask in the glow of this moment as the scene before me quickly changes. I blink and the man I love moves farther and farther away. The effervescent glow of dusk quickly turns to pitch black. I feel a vice-like grip around my wrists. A dark abyss of fear cuts through me as the only sound I can hear are terrifying screams. When I open my eyes again it becomes clear to me that those screams belong to me. And then…I remember.


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