#PimpMyBio: PitchWars 2017

I wasn’t sure that I was going to do this. Talking about myself is probably  my least favorite thing to do, but if I’ve learned anything thus far on my journey to being published, it’s that you have to put yourself out there. So, despite my fears, I forced myself to become more active on Twitter and I started a blog. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the amazing community of people I’d find. Writers helping writers, giving their precious time to help, support, and give advice. Discovering and participating in various writing contests has both improved my writing and my confidence. If you’d like to learn more about the amazing opportunity that is PitchWars, you can do that here.  If you’d like to continue to learn a little more about me, please read on.

Excuse me while a take a deep breath.


Okay. Here we go…..

First and foremost, the greatest job I’ve ever had is being a mother and a wife. My one true love has gifted me with two beautiful children; Justin, 17 and Samantha, 13. To date seeing the amazing young adults that they are turning into is my greatest accomplishment. As far as earning a living, I’ve done a few different things over the years from retail to court reporting. Yes, once upon a time I was a stenographer. You know, the person that sits in a courtroom or a deposition and takes down everything everyone says. Unfortunately, that job wasn’t the right fit for me which leads me to my current job in the medical field as a Medical Office Specialist. That is my 9 to 5. I love my job, love my doctors, the patients, my co-workers. But as much as I love it, it is not my passion. Writing is my passion and although I may have found it later in life than I would’ve liked, I don’t — and won’t — let that stop me.

My passion for writing came from my passion for reading. I love to read, always have and always will. I am a sucker for romance and happily ever afters, so naturally that is what I’m drawn to writing. It started with Danielle Steele in my teenage years and Nicholas Sparks as I got older. I love everything Sandra Brown.  Jojo Moyes is amazing and her Me Before You is one of the three books that actually made me ugly cry, the other two being The Last Song  and Two by Two, both by Nicholas Sparks. Kerri Lonsdale and Jodi Holford are new favorites of mine. Recently, I was blown away by J.P. Monniger’s debut novel, The Map That Leads to You. My guilty pleasure is erotica. Yes, I’ve read Fifty Shades…all of them….more times than I can count and I loved them, every time. Sylvia Day is another favorite. Her Crossfire series was addicting! I try to read 2-3 books a week, though some weeks I fall short.

Another thing you need to know about me is that I’m a huge Jamie Dornan fan. I mean, come on, he’s totally gorgeous, talented, and humble. He is the epitomy of a family man and the love he has for his wife is clearly written all over his face.

Baking is another passion that I sadly don’t have much time for anymore. My oreo-filled cupcakes and cake pops are always on request anytime there’s a potluck at work. I guess when it comes down to it, I just love to create things that make people happy, whether that be through food or my words.

So, that brings us to the portion of this blog post where I tell you about my MS. The premise of my book is broken promises. Everyday we all make promises to the ones we love. Promises we make with every intention of carrying out. The reality is that sometimes life happens and forces us to break the promises we always intended to keep. But what happens when life steps in and steals the ones you love? Forcing them to break the promises they made to you? Can you ever trust love again? Is it worth the risk of pain to put your heart on the line? When two strangers meet on a cruise — one carrying out her late husband’s last wish, the other still grieving the loss of his wife — all those questions will be answered. In Broken Promises: The Last Gift Isabelle and Ian will find out if love is greater than grief.

If you like what you’ve read, then I hope you’ll follow me on twitter. @meeschy is my Twitter handle.


3 thoughts on “#PimpMyBio: PitchWars 2017

  1. For someone who hates to talk about themselves, I think you did an eloquent job. Kuddos for putting yourself out there! I know that’s never easy. Have you ever read Bec MacMaster? She’s prolly my favorite romance author (steampunk romance), along with Tessa Dare (historical romance). Good luck with your submission and I hope to see you around the feed! 🙂


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