A special kind of love

Spending time with some family this weekend got me thinking about love. As a romance writer, I spend a huge amount of time thinking about love. It’s not just the romantic love that inspires my writing, but love in general. Throughout life we experience many different kinds of love. There is the love you have for a spouse or a significant other, the love you have for your parents or family, and the love you have for your friends — just to name a few. They are all different kinds of love, but yet they all hold special places in our hearts. There are two kinds of love, though, that I have come to find that I just wasn’t prepared for. The first being, the love for my children. People often refer to it as having your heart dwell outside of your body and that is the absolute truth. The love I have for my kids is unparalleled. From the day they were conceived they stole my heart. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. I mean, come on, who couldn’t love these little faces?


I know I’m biased, but they are two of the most amazing humans I’ve ever met. They are growing into such amazing young adults that make me so proud. The teenage years are trying, but I think so far we are doing okay.

The second kind of love that I was totally unprepared for was for my nieces and nephews. Through marriage I have twenty-five nieces and nephews and one great-nephew — yes, I know, I’m way too young to be a great aunt..lol. I can’t seem to find a picture of all of them together, but they are all amazing and beautiful humans!!

On my side of the family I am the proud aunt of three amazing little girls, Karter, Riley, and Cassie. Just when you think that your heart couldn’t possibly have ny more room, along come these beautiful, little humans. I was smitten from the first time I laid eyes on them.

Being an aunt is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It definitely brings me back to my childhood and makes me appreciate, all the more, the relationship I had with my aunts and uncles. I remember sleep overs, parties, family road trips, and stories with props. It’s a special kind of love and one that I cherish.

I recently got to spend some time with two of my nieces and I loved every minute. Living over two thousand miles away from these sweet, little cuties definitely makes me appreciate the time we do get to spend together. Love in its many shapes and forms, is an amazing thing. It’s a life source all its own that drives most of us to do the things we do. It is something we should never take for granted. If you love someone, tell them today because no one knows what tomorrow holds. To all my loves, you inspire me everyday to do what I do, to reach for the stars and never give up. I love you all.


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